Dr Emily Ryall (Pt1) | Sport and Good Life | Seriousness | Triviality


This is the first part of our discussions with Dr Emily Ryall where we explore foundational questions about meaning of sport in human life.

When thinking of our most urgent needs in life, sport shows itself as trivial. We cannot survive without food and shelter; however, we could go on about our lives without sport.

Why, then, are so many people across the globe passionately involved in sport? As Emily argues, sport provides us with unnecessary obstacles, and somewhat paradoxically, this brings meaning to our lives.

If we agree that sport is trivial, how seriously should we take it? What happens if we take sport too seriously? We explore questions about elite sport and the dangers of sport becoming the only thing that matters, leading athletes to sacrifice all other aspects of life and self.

And finally, we delve to some critiques of sport/exercise technology in possibly distorting our relationship with movement and our bodies and have a bit of laugh about it.

Dr Emily Ryall is a reader is applied philosophy at the University of Gloucestershire who enjoys wrestling with the deep and complex questions about the role of sport in human life.

Emily has published extensively on a range of philosophical and ethical questions in sport, including the book Philosophy of Sport: Key Questions. She enjoys teaching in relation to these issues as well as philosophy of science, critical thinking and the logic of arguments.

I was really honored to have Emily as a guest and got a lot of inspiration from the dialogues. I hope you will, too.

Published by Noora Ronkainen

Researcher | Author | Meaningful Sport 🗻🏄| Co-host Physical Activity Researcher Podcast🎙

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