Meaningful Sport – Dr Michael McDougall (Pt1) | Culture | Sport Organisations | Leaders | Narrative

Exploring meaning and meaningful experiences in sport or elsewhere can never be carried out without consideration of culture. In the podcast with Dr Michael McDougall, we start to explore what kind of “thing” is culture, and how cultures have been studied in organisational research in and outside of sport.

Can we create a winning culture, a healthy culture, or meaningful culture around sport? Can we change cultures? Or are attempts to manage or culture simply colonialist projects that will inevitably marginalise and silence other meanings that are not part of the “official” narrative?

I was delighted to have Michael discussing these challenging concepts in his critical but constructive style. I got to know Michael when we were both at Liverpool John Moores University, and we have co-authored research articles around narrative, culture and meaningful work in sport. I have learned a lot from Michael on how to think about culture, identity and ethics in sport organisations.

A good place to start reading more about the themes discussed in the podcast can be found in Michael’s recent article, Three team and organisational culture myths and their consequences for sport psychology research and practice

Dr Michael McDougall completed his PhD focused on a critical examination of organisational culture research in sport at Liverpool John Moores University and is currently Assistant Professor in psychology at Keystone College in the US. He is researching various topics including cultures in sport and organisational contexts, meaningful work, craftsmanship, and well-being.

And remember to follow Michael on Twitter @Mike__McD!

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