Dr Michael McDougall (Pt2) | Meaningful Work | Sport Organisations | Culture Change | Management of Meaning


The second part of our episode with Dr Michael McDougall focuses on culture, meaningful work and management of meaning.

While it is very intuitive to think that aiming to create more meaningful work (or sport) is a worthy goal in organisations, so-called ‘management of meaning’ can be problematic in many levels.

Our guest will ask critical questions and challenge us to think about the ethics around interventions aimed at culture change and meaningful work, and reflect on his own professional practice around these themes.

Dr Michael McDougall has completed his PhD focused on a critical examination of organisational culture research in sport at Liverpool John Moores University and teaches psychology at Keystone College in the US. He is conducting research on various topics including cultures in sport and organisational contexts, meaningful work, craftsmanship, and well-being. And while his work is certainly critical and thought provoking, he also engages in consultation work and puts this thinking into practice in organisational contexts.

Michael’s recent publications that were drawn on in the conversation include Three team and organisational culture myths and their consequences for sport psychology research and practice and Organizational Culture Beyond Consensus and Clarity: Narratives From Elite Sport.

You can follow Michael on Twitter @Mike__McD.

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