Kriss Akabusi MBE (Pt2) | Meaning in Movement after Elite Sport | Existentialism | Nietzsche | Authenticity

This is the second part of our discussion with Kriss Akabusi, MBE, on Meaningful Sport. Kriss is an Olympian, Motivational Speaker and Businessman. In his outstanding athletic career, he achieved three Olympic medals, as well as World, European and Commonwealth titles.

In the first part of our discussion, Kriss shared some stories from his elite athletic career and boundary situations in that journey, and we discussed the tough world of elite sport.

In this second part, we move to explore the meaning of sport in his life after the elite athletic career, and discuss the spiritual dimension of sport.

“When you run, when you do any activity, it is an opportunity to get out of the self, and connect with the universe… I sense a connection with the world, whether it is the trees, the leaves, the ground, the feet, the wind in my face…”

“There are moments when you are running, and you just literally lose time.. and you are lost in space, you are lost in the ambiance.”

We also explore existential philosophy, especially the works of Heidegger and Nietzsche, and how these thinkers have inspired Kriss and his way of thinking and living his life in and outside of sport.

“Actually, I didn’t ask to be here, and yet I am here. I was thrown into this time and place, and I have to get on with this thing called life… And we are always living towards this thing called death. And between these two things I need to figure out who I am and who I want to become.”

You can follow Kriss on Twitter at @KrissAkabusi and @AkabusiCompany and find out more about him and his work at

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