Dr Trish Jackman (Pt1) | Flow | Optimal Experiences | Clutch States | Running


This episode with Dr Trish Jackman is focused on flow in sport, exercise and physical activity. What do we know about these highly rewarding experiences? What are the current trends and challenges in the research on flow? Might flow be experienced differently in different types of sport and exercise? And how does flow relate to other dimensions such as embodiment, spirituality, ‘being in the zone’ and peak performance?

Dr Trish Jackman is a lecturer in Sport and Exercise Psychology at University of Lincoln, who shares her thoughts on flow in sport and exercise from a research and a personal perspective.

Trish and her colleagues have published several articles on flow. You can access their recent work here:

Psychological States Underlying Excellent Performance in Sport: Toward an Integrated Model of Flow and Clutch States

Optimal experiences in exercise: A qualitative investigation of flow and clutch states

You can follow Trish on Twitter @Trish_Jackman

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