Sport, like singing, dancing or painting, is unnecessary. A small fraction of athletes make a living out of sport as professionals, but the vast majority of us who are involved in sports are amateurs who never achieve anything remarkable. Still, so many of us are drawn to sport, find our identities in sport, and enthusiastically share our stories about the best and worst experiences we had in sport. Why?

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Sport, loneliness and solitude

The value of sport and physical activity is often found in the potential to bring people together, to form communities, to develop new friendships or strengthen existing ones. Self-determination theory, which often informs initiatives to promote exercise and physical activity, has relatedness as one key component. This often translates to emphasising social support and connectednessContinue reading “Sport, loneliness and solitude”

Sport, Happiness, Meaning and ‘the Good Life’

Philosophers throughout history have sought to understand what constitutes a good life. Two candidates often rise above the others: happiness and meaning. Happiness can be understood in many different ways. Psychologists have recently taken interest in the philosophical debates on the difference between hedonia and eudaimonia, that are often understood as two different conceptions ofContinue reading “Sport, Happiness, Meaning and ‘the Good Life’”


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