Dr Trish Jackman (Pt1) | Flow | Optimal Experiences | Clutch States | Running

https://paresearcher.podbean.com/e/jackman/ This episode with Dr Trish Jackman is focused on flow in sport, exercise and physical activity. What do we know about these highly rewarding experiences? What are the current trends and challenges in the research on flow? Might flow be experienced differently in different types of sport and exercise? And how does flow relateContinue reading “Dr Trish Jackman (Pt1) | Flow | Optimal Experiences | Clutch States | Running”

Spirituality in Sport

What you are truly after neither has form nor is without form. It cannot be grasped or attained or obtained or conceptualized or even described (…) In other words, there is nothing to get. (Steve Hagen, Buddhism is Not What you Think)  Following developments in other fields such as health sciences, nursing, psychology and management,Continue reading “Spirituality in Sport”